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Fynesse Banks is vigorously producing her brilliant music by creating music with various independent artists like T.Y the Gift  Lady Shen and Zoe Mina. Ms. Banks is using social media and music platforms for people to hear her story and the artists' stories as they want to divulge. Listeners of Fynesse Banks music will be able to appreciate and admire the original authentic vibes of the different genres of music she magically creates. Ms. Banks talent doesn't stop; it continues by mixing and mastering music.

Fynesse Banks is currently working on her first EP for early 2022 


Fynesse Banks was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where she studied music in Junior High School and High School. She didn’t have much to work on her music but a piano, Ipod and a violin.

Fynesse  performed in the High School Orchestra as a first chair violinist, after graduating High School Ms. Banks moved to Orlando Florida where she continued her music career at FullSail University for two years in the music production program to enhance her skills in knowledge in music. After graduating with her bachelor degree in music production, Fynesse is ferociously making her way to the top of the music industry. She is striving to establish a music production company in Orlando Florida to work with artists to show their talents. Fynesse Banks is driven by motivation and support of her parents and brother knowing that she is leaving a mark in this world for people to see and hear her blueprint.       

Music Credits...


 “Worth It” Sung by  StinaJone - Written, produced mixed and mastered by Fynesse Banks 


 “Lost” -  Sung by Zoe Mina- Co-written, produced mixed and mastered by Fynesse Banks


 “Shots Fired”- Written by T.Y the Gift - produced mixed and mastered by Fynesse Banks


 “Leave a Message” Sung by Zoe Mina- mixed and mastered by Fynesse Banks


“ Bad Bitchez” Sung by LadyShen and Fynesse Banks- Co-written, produced mixed and mastered by  Fynesse Banks  

 "Danger" Featuring C-Moez Written by C-Moez Produced Mixed and Mastered by Fynesse Banks

"Munus" Featuring New Gang City  Produced by Fynesse Banks Mixed and Mastered by Fynesse Banks

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