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Fynesse Music founded by Fynesse Banks is a production company that welcomes all artists that want to make their mark on the music industry. Artists are promised high-quality productions and mixes. Ms. Banks has worked with many artists that perform in different styles and genres. She is always looking for new artists to work with to make great music for the world to hear. 


Ms. Banks was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where she studied music in Junior High School and High School, She didn't have much to work on her music but a phone, keyboard, and violin. Ms. Banks performed in an orchestra as the first chair violinist. After graduating high school she moved to Orlando Florida where she continued her career at Full Sail University in the music production program to enhance her skills and knowledge. After graduating with her Bachelor's degree, Fynesse Banks is learning and striving to perfect her music that speaks to everyone across the musical spectrum. #musicensemble

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